Dishwasher? Yes Please!

We’ve all heard of the terrible trouble husbands have gotten into by giving their wives an appliance as a gift.  Ok, so maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t the ideal day to gift such items, but in general why is this gesture so bad??

I am currently living in Italy, a land where dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and clothes dryers are elusive luxuries, and have hand washed my dishes for the better part of a year.  I would be thrilled to tears to receive a dishwasher for Valentine’s Day, my birthday, or any other similar occasion.

While I am sure it’s true that I have an extra new found appreciation for helpful appliances, I think we could and should cut our hubbies some slack when they surprise us with gifts of this nature.  Hint Hint…

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Celebrity Marriage Friday

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have still not named their new baby.

Yes, this 1 week old future heart breaker is still nameless.  At least we should be thankful they haven’t done what most celebrity couples seem to do, and name their baby Apple or Bronx or King, or any other silly word they first think of after hours of drug clouded labor.

Good luck, and we’re looking forward to a semi-normal name!

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Where Does the Time Go?

With the limitless daily demands of life in the 21st century, finding a few quiet moments with your spouse can become increasingly difficult.  Even all of the time-saving gadgets we have invented to increase our productivity and free time, seem to push us in the opposite direction.  We seem to be spending more and more time with everyone and everything else on earth besides our spouses.  Let’s look at the 5 biggest time-sucks.

1. Electronic gadgets.  Blackberries, iPhones, mp3 players, Play-Stations, personal video players and plasma television.  You get the idea.  Texting, gaming, watching tv and constantly looking at email are devouring our quality time, and our quality of life.

2.  Your job.  Do you take more phone calls each day from your boss than from your spouse?  I’m reminded of The Devil Wears Prada, and the idea that your major life relationship is with the person who calls you the most each day.

3.  Household upkeep.  Dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn, caulking the tub and wading through a cluttered garage.  None of these things are fun and most eat up at least one day of our highly precious weekend.

4.  The internet.  Social network addictions, watching YouTube, downloading files for the items listed in #1, and online gaming.  I might say the internet is the biggest time-suck of all (except for time spent reading this blog of course).

5.  Worrying.  The economy, health care, the scratch on the new car,  upcoming holiday stress, and swine flu.  Worrying takes up large parts of each day and can affect our overall health and wellbeing  in a negative way.

So turn off your iPhone and computer, set reasonable boundaries with your boss, hire a personal or household assistant, and realize that while you can do your best to plan things, you can’t stop life and change from happening.  Remember what you loved to do together before electronic gadgets, work, and home repairs took over your life.

Do you have excellent, awesome, and useful ideas for freeing up time?  Let us know in the comments.

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Small Spaces

What is your worst experience being stuck in a small space with your spouse?  Don’t get me wrong, under the right circumstances and the right mood, any small space could be very enticing.  Although, there have been times when it’s a little too close for comfort.  We’ve always chosen to live in beyond minuscule abodes.  When my husband and I met and married, we chose to live in my studio apartment complete with a Murphy bed instead of his two bedroom apartment, which to most would have been the obvious choice.  And now we live in a thirty-five foot RV. Our closest of encounters of course was when we Continue reading

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What is the most important thing in marriage?

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TMI Tuesday

Yesterday I used my toothbrush to clean my husband’s mud-caked running shoes.  I figured I would relegate this toothbrush to cleaning status, and simply go out and buy a new one.  I needed one anyway.  However it is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception holiday in Italy, and everything is closed.  So I was faced with the decision to:

A.  Not brush my teeth for a day and a half

B.  Use my husband’s toothbrush

C.  Use toothpaste on my index finger

I couldn’t really deal with option A, so I considered option B.  I looked at his toothbrush sitting there on the side of the sink.  It shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  I kiss this man every day, it’s not that much different, right?  But then I wondered about his treatment of his own toothbrush compared with mine.  I hate my toothbrush to touch the sink, I always keep it in my make-up bag.  Maybe he’s been in a hurry several mornings and didn’t rinsed it that well, or maybe he’s harboring a flu virus that hasn’t appeared yet.  The more I looked at it the more it started to resemble a teeming petri dish in a science lab.

That was too much for me to overcome.  I chose option C.  I think sharing toothbrushes is like sharing stick deodorant.  It can be done, but you probably shouldn’t.

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A Boomerang is Love

Balance between give and take is often easy in the beginning of marriages. As are most things, in the beginning. It made us happy to go out of our way to make sure that our spouse had everything they desired, but as we grow through the years we get comfortable and can often take advantage of the giving of our spouses. When certain things become routine, like cooking and cleaning, they become expected and thus overlooked as giving. Now, food and clean homes are necessities and someone needs to do it, just don’t get in a rut and expect the other one in your relationship to continue doing those things if something isn’t given in return. I don’t mean, “Gee honey, that meal was great, thanks.”  I’m talking about reciprocating in some way that is giving the other person something specific that they need too. Give and take can get a lot more complicated than chore duties of course. Continue reading

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