Date After a Dust Mop

Looking for that one special person?  Someone with whom you’d like to spend the rest of your life?  Rarely do these meetings happen as we‘d expect.  So don’t discount the odd, humorously uncomfortable, or downright strange encounters with the opposite sex as unromantic.  It could turn into something amazing!

My most endearing  moments in love are those that involved one or both of us being as close to bumbling idiots as one could possibly get.  Picture an early crisp autumn morning in Salem, Massachusetts.  The usual parade of local characters had already made their way past my building before dawn so I felt it was safe to open up all of my windows without having to hear the ramblings echo into my apartment.  It was a perfect day to clean and air things out.  I hadn’t bothered looking in a mirror or cleaning myself up yet, I figured to just tackle the single girl mess first.  Honestly, I looked similar to the participants in the crazy parade.  Spiky fluorescent orange hair, mismatched clothes and last night’s eye makeup haphazardly smeared about my eyes like a deranged raccoon.

So the music was playing, the dust was flying and the mop was twirling, when it was time for the dust bunnies to take flight out the window.  I popped the wonder mop out and violently shook, shook, shook.  Suddenly a male voice and laughter made me pause…. I was afraid to look.  Why didn’t I make sure no one was down there before I released the dust bunnies?  Timidly I peeked down the two stories to the ground.  I had seen him before, I knew who he was.  Looking a little different of course as his leather jacket and dark hair were gray with my unfortunate mess.  While he brushed off and looked up, my first impulse was to pull my head back in the window and just pretend it wasn’t me.  But he was smiling, we made eye contact, and he said, “Want to go to breakfast?”.  Three months later, we eloped in Vegas.

by Stephanie Melanson

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