Where is Holly’s Husband?

We would love to thank Holly, who gave us our first blog submission today!

From Holly:

“So, I went to make tea, and on top of the gas range is a huge container, filled to the brim with a turkey sitting in brine water.  Now granted, I am very happy to see early preparations for Thanksgiving dinner, but why is a huge pot of water sitting on the stove????

Why not on the counter, where if I have to move it, I won’t spill it into the stove.

I just don’t get it…along with the iced drink sitting next to the computer with a big puddle under it.”

We hope you figure out your mysterious kitchen occurrence, and the whereabouts of your husband soon.


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One response to “Where is Holly’s Husband?

  1. I found him today, trying to neaten the house and make a space for the Xmas tree. It’s going to look beautiful.. Pics to follow.

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