Cougars are in Style

Women over 40 are the new style icons. Gone are the days when the young glittery babes of the runways and tabloid magazines dictate what is fashionable and attractive. Expressing one’s own individuality and magnificence requires confidence that younger women have yet to possess.Women need to honor their lines and sun freckles as beauty marks; their right to be who they want to be. It’s not about looking young anymore, it’s about looking good.

Part of what aids in looking good on the outside is feeling good on the inside. There are a lot of ties between how healthy a woman’s body feels, their sexual peak and how satisfied they are with their love lives. Women start to hit their sexual peak in their mid 30’s, while men’s can start to decline. In order for women to continue to feel young as they age, it is important that they have the opportunity to fulfill their physical desires, or their physical health can start to take a hit.  Is this why there is such a rise in Cougar-ism?  Women are taking control.

So, how is this going to work when a man and woman of the same age are married?  Their sexual peaks are off balance.  I hope Viagra isn’t the only answer.   Men are typically thought to be the ones having the mid-life crisis, where they buy the sports car and hopefully not, but sometimes do, find the younger woman.  What then, are married women to do in this day and age when they have this mid-life awakening?   I don’t want a sports car.  The single women become the Cougars, but what are the married girls to do?

by Stephanie Melanson

The Cougar Book is a collection of stories celebrating Cougar women.

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