The Modern Anniversary Gift Guide

Who came up with this?  Have any of you actually seen the updated version of the traditional anniversary gift list?  It’s random, obscure and it makes me wonder how many unhappy gift receivers there have been since this revised list came out. Quite frankly I would rather stick to my own haphazard way of giving gifts, at least there’d be a little more meaning behind them.

First year…a clock.  Why, so we can count the minutes until next year when we might receive a better gift?

Fourth year…appliances.  Don’t we already know that giving a woman an appliance as a gift for any occasion is wrong, let alone an anniversary.

Seventh year…a desk set.  Because paying bills is very romantic.

Tenth year…diamond jewelry.  That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?  Well follow it up with number eleven, fashion jewelry, and on that eleventh anniversary you’ll be wondering what you’ve done over the last year to deserve being downsized to the worth of fake jewelry.

Twenty fourth year…musical instruments ?????  I love you, here’s a clarinet.

by Stephanie Melanson

See the list in it’s entirety at

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