Celebrity Marriage Friday

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Together they are the hunky All-Star quarterback and the world’s biggest supermodel. I suppose it was natural for these two to get together. The cliché tale of the high school quarterback dating the captain of the cheer leading squad definitely translates into the All-Star marrying the supermodel in real life, right?
These two have to be the world’s most stunning couple. They ooze beauty and style. After dating for two years they got married in February of 2009. However, their initial coming together was not without a little gossipy controversy. While the new couple was spending the weekend making out in Paris, Tom’s very recent ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan , confirmed that she was 3 months pregnant. The usually squeaky clean Tom Brady got a tiny wave of bad press from this news. Now Tom and Gisele are expecting their own child together.
Let’s look at some of their previous significant others:
Tom Brady’s include the above mentioned Bridget Moynahan for 3 years, and before that he was rumored to be hanging out with party girl Tara Reid.
Gisele Bundchen’s include Leonardo DiCaprio, surfer Kelly Slater, and Josh Hartnet.
So what kind of chances do I give them? I’m feeling optimistic today, so a strong 65%. At least they stand a better chance than the couple in our first celebrity marriage review.


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