Small Spaces

What is your worst experience being stuck in a small space with your spouse?  Don’t get me wrong, under the right circumstances and the right mood, any small space could be very enticing.  Although, there have been times when it’s a little too close for comfort.  We’ve always chosen to live in beyond minuscule abodes.  When my husband and I met and married, we chose to live in my studio apartment complete with a Murphy bed instead of his two bedroom apartment, which to most would have been the obvious choice.  And now we live in a thirty-five foot RV. Our closest of encounters of course was when we lived over the road for six months in a Freightliner hauling a flatbed through thirty-two states.  Have you ever had to do your holiday present shopping at a Petro truck stop, cook your festive meals in a six inch DC frying pan and sit inside the condo of a truck with nothing to do during an entire Christmas day while there was a blizzard outside?  We had every intent to get home by Christmas morning, but the storm stuck us in New York state and we had no choice but to stay put.  It also didn’t help that I had previously been doused with diesel the day before while fueling up and had to endure the lingering fumes that the luxurious truck stop shower refused to take away.  It was a story I love to tell, and although we made it through with flying colors, I would not like a repeat. So, is being able to live in a small space with your spouse a testament to your love or is getting along while cramped attributed to personality traits?  Probably a little of both, but I think that personality plays a bigger part.  Even the passion of love can spur intense emotion in disagreements and when you’re in a small space there is no place to run, so you better have the ability to work through adverse moments on the spot.  Plus it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it!

by Stephanie Melanson

Check out this couple that lives in NYC’s smallest apartment… NY Post

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