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Harmless Flirting?

Are men and women equal when it comes to flirting? Is it less harmful for a married man to flirt with a single woman, than it is for a married woman to flirt with a single man? I think that the old stereotype of men being suave and women being sluts, when overtly sexual, taints the simplicity of the harmless flirt. Because when women flirt it is often thought that what she is doing is making an advance, or an invitation for sex. But when men flirt its thought of as complimentary or charming. It’s amazing how some things never change when it comes to the difference between men and women. I’d really like to see gender roles take a huge turn and make it okay for women to be more expressive without being labeled.

I think that even has a very antiquated look at flirting.

by Stephanie Melanson

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Can Men and Women be Friends?

Can Men and Women Be Friends?

I believe that the taboo of consorting with the opposite sex while married or single without the intent of a romantic relationship, is starting to die out with the older generations. Equal workplaces have been establishing a new level of cross-sex relationships that are causing many to ask the question seriously, “Can men and women be friends?” My answer is yes, but with hard work. There are three types of relationships between men and women and I believe that all of the following scenarios have the potential for friendship, but it doesn’t always come naturally or easily. There’s more!

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