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Lasting Happiness on a Blind Date?

From the moment we discover dating, we are taught to fear the blind date.  We’ve all either heard stories or have first hand knowledge of the disaster that this can be.  A friend of a friend, or worse yet your parents, try to fix you up with someone they swear is perfect for you.  You agree to go, only to find out that not only does your date still have last night’s empty beer cans on the floor of the car when they pick you up, but during dinner you quickly see that they have a blatant iPhone addiction, and seem to be asking the waitress many more questions than you.

I’m here to tell you that once in a blue moon, blind dates can lead to an amazing marriage.  After a few years of being single, my father was set up on a blind date by another married couple.  To keep it casual, the first date was a foursome.  They quickly discovered a shared love of many things such as hiking and biking, travel, wine, reading the New Yorker, and driving in my father’s MG with matching leather aviator helmets and goggles.  They’ve been married happily for years, and are adorably cute together.

I’m sure there are still plenty of empty beer can guys out there, but once in a while it is possible to find a keeper.  Be sure and open your eyes on your next blind date!


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Date After a Dust Mop

Looking for that one special person?  Someone with whom you’d like to spend the rest of your life?  Rarely do these meetings happen as we‘d expect.  So don’t discount the odd, humorously uncomfortable, or downright strange encounters with the opposite sex as unromantic.  It could turn into something amazing! There’s more!

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