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A Boomerang is Love

Balance between give and take is often easy in the beginning of marriages. As are most things, in the beginning. It made us happy to go out of our way to make sure that our spouse had everything they desired, but as we grow through the years we get comfortable and can often take advantage of the giving of our spouses. When certain things become routine, like cooking and cleaning, they become expected and thus overlooked as giving. Now, food and clean homes are necessities and someone needs to do it, just don’t get in a rut and expect the other one in your relationship to continue doing those things if something isn’t given in return. I don’t mean, “Gee honey, that meal was great, thanks.”  I’m talking about reciprocating in some way that is giving the other person something specific that they need too. Give and take can get a lot more complicated than chore duties of course. Continue reading


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