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Dishwasher? Yes Please!

We’ve all heard of the terrible trouble husbands have gotten into by giving their wives an appliance as a gift.  Ok, so maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t the ideal day to gift such items, but in general why is this gesture so bad??

I am currently living in Italy, a land where dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and clothes dryers are elusive luxuries, and have hand washed my dishes for the better part of a year.  I would be thrilled to tears to receive a dishwasher for Valentine’s Day, my birthday, or any other similar occasion.

While I am sure it’s true that I have an extra new found appreciation for helpful appliances, I think we could and should cut our hubbies some slack when they surprise us with gifts of this nature.  Hint Hint…

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TMI Tuesday

Yesterday I used my toothbrush to clean my husband’s mud-caked running shoes.  I figured I would relegate this toothbrush to cleaning status, and simply go out and buy a new one.  I needed one anyway.  However it is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception holiday in Italy, and everything is closed.  So I was faced with the decision to:

A.  Not brush my teeth for a day and a half

B.  Use my husband’s toothbrush

C.  Use toothpaste on my index finger

I couldn’t really deal with option A, so I considered option B.  I looked at his toothbrush sitting there on the side of the sink.  It shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  I kiss this man every day, it’s not that much different, right?  But then I wondered about his treatment of his own toothbrush compared with mine.  I hate my toothbrush to touch the sink, I always keep it in my make-up bag.  Maybe he’s been in a hurry several mornings and didn’t rinsed it that well, or maybe he’s harboring a flu virus that hasn’t appeared yet.  The more I looked at it the more it started to resemble a teeming petri dish in a science lab.

That was too much for me to overcome.  I chose option C.  I think sharing toothbrushes is like sharing stick deodorant.  It can be done, but you probably shouldn’t.

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Do you love or hate the man purse?

I’m going to be bold here,  I really like the man purse.

It’s true that many are not fans of the man purse, but consider the alternatives for a moment.  Men have either a backpack (or worse, a fanny pack), a briefcase, or their pockets.  The backpack is too casual, usually grubby, and reminds us of school.  The briefcase, while quite stylish and professional, doesn’t go out at night.

What are men supposed to do outside of work?  When we go out, I am constantly asked to carry my husband’s mobile phone in my purse because it doesn’t fit in his pocket.  Well, there’s also his wallet, keys, sunglasses, eyeglasses for going to the movies, etc.

The right man purse can be practical and sophisticated.  For men in my opinion, the bag needs to be the across the shoulder type.  Nothing with handles.  Take for instance these great messenger style bags from Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana.

Maybe I’ve just lived in Italy too long and have an acute overexposure to fashion.  But you know, guys need to carry their stuff around too!  They might as well look good while doing it.

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Everything You Want to Know About an International Marriage

Part 1:  Logistics of Getting Married

Remember when getting married was as simple as stopping by the county clerk’s office during your lunch break, to grab a marriage license?  Planning for the big day aside, for most people the only official government documentation required is the marriage license.  You can even sign it yourself in most states these days, no judge required.  However, marriage to anyone outside of North America is infinitely more complicated.  There’s more!

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